Meet Anne

It’s about the clock that stops only when a moment is captured.

It’s about the flood tide of remembrance, revealed in shadows and light.


It’s about your unrepeatable beauty.

Your spirit.

It’s about seeing whats in your heart.

It’s about time.

This is why I love what I do.

I’m grateful for your time and consideration.

Anne has been capturing families, children, and high school seniors in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs for over 5 years.

About Anne

Professional family photographer Anne Kerr of anja Photography is a premier Chicago photographer and Northwest suburbs photographer providing portraits for babies, children, high school seniors, and families.

While Anne had always been creative-minded (an avid reader and English major from DePaul University), she didn't apply her creativity to photography until her first son was born in 2008. Using the point-and-shoot camera she had received as a wedding gift, Anne began to take photos of everything; her son, herself and her dog. Shortly after, she upgraded to her first DSLR camera-Nikon D60, added a second child to her family and subject list - and started to further explore her new passion.

But it wasn't until summer of 2010 that Anne switched her camera from Auto mode to Manual, and began to dig deeper into the fundamentals of photography. Every night after putting her kids to bed, Anne would use her free time to learn everything she could through online resources, books, forums and community college courses. Through discovering more about shooting, Anne also gained a deep interest in editing, and her newfound knowledge allowed her to build a portfolio aimed to take her photography from hobby, to career.

Anne’s very first client was a local celebrity, which she didn't know it until he was swarmed by fans at the forest preserve, little did she know this continues to be an amazing adventure.

Her hard work paid off, when in 2012, Anne won the Best Emerging Photographer Award from NAPCP, and, despite having another family addition, successfully launched her own photography company anja Photography. Anne developed a steady clientele, grew a large fan base on social media, and was starting to get a lot of inquiries for mentoring from the quickly growing photography industry.

Two years later, amidst her own company’s rapid growth, Anne paired up with Australian photographer Leah Robinson of Leah Robinson Photography, to form Horizon Within, intensive web-based photography workshops, that would later offer in-person photography mentoring sessions. Anne’s teaching has taken her around the country for the past few years, and even around the world to Australia!

Looking forward, Anne hopes to expand her photography business to accommodate her growing client list, and take anja Photography to the next level, including creating a 2000sq ft. space for photography studio sessions.

As a premier fine art, award-winning photographer located in Chicago's Northwest Suburbs, Anne will continue to flourish with the same creativity and passion that started it all.

Published in: Classic Sewing Magazine, Digital Camera World Magazine, Named in the top 10 Family Photographers in the World by topteny